Monday, November 7, 2011

been a busy few months

Wow!! It's been a while since l posted on my blog, l guess l've had a busy couple of months getting a good supply of tea pots cosies and teapots together. Mum and l had a local 2 day market this weekend gone, we did ok but l now know why l don't do local markets anymore! My goodness...the rude know-it-alls! All l can say is ( keeping it nice), if you think you or your friend can make exactly what l make in a record amount of time, then why are you at a craft market ??? Go buy the wool and needles, break all land speed knitting records, and bugger it up because the way you think l made that hat/ teapot cosy/toy is not the way you think l made it...and no it did not bloody well come out of a book, and yes they are original bloody designs and no l can not tell you how l make my flowers, it's $4 bloody dollars and if you can't part with 4 measly dollars for a hair clip then why are you at a craft market?? Oh...and if you took my card in the hopes of gleaning some more info about how l do what l do from my blog site....SORRY , not going to happen !!

l guess l didn't keep it as nice as l promised!! 

Oh well....TOUGH !! Now go look at the pretty pictures. :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea cosy frenzy!!

Finally pulled the finger out and took some decent photos of my tea cosies ( the ones l have left anyway)...AND THERE THEY ARE!

I'm also popping them on the items for sale page so if you do want one or you want to commissionme to do something for you, you will at least get an idea of sizes and prices......

so many ideas and so little time to do them all in!

Mum and my bestie and l ( and mini me of course) checked out the Scarfe exhibition on at the National Wool Museum in Geelong last week...what an inspiation! Loved love LOVED so many of the scarves displaey, but for me the real treat was the display of tea pot cosies on a little table in the foyer! I didn't take any photos, but l did take away a lot of ideas to adapt into my own little quirky way....keep an eye out on this space!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

market season almost over

Mum and l had a stall each at Geelong's Picadilly Market on Sunday. It was the first babies and kids market, and mums second market with Picadilly.....and while it was ans exhaustingly long day, we had a great time. We both had a fabulous response to our wares from market goers, my 'fruity' hats did very well, l'm bummed l forgot to take a photo of my cactus hat before the market because it was the first hat l sold!!!We got lots of positive comments and of course there was nothing like out stuff there! I have 1 more market till l take a break for winter; l have a heap of other events coming up over the next couple of months so l just won't have time on the weekends for markets. That said, l'm madly knitting flowers as l'm putting together a range of teapot cosies  and mug warmers.....what l've done so far looks fabulous ( and hilarious). The next market for me will be the June Steampacket market in Geelong, so l better get a move on on those teapot cosies!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And this little piggy went to market....

Robyn's Busy Nest and myself will be at the Williamstown Craft Market tomorrow from 10 am until 4 pm so if you would like to see our things up close and personal, pop on by! It's on Nelson's Place, at the reserve....going to be a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new logo

Here's the new Ruby's Creative Mumma logo that l whipped up

Ruby's Jools ~ brooches

last one........

Ruby's Jools ~ hair clips

Here's another one, l just love the photos of Ruby

Ruby's Jools

Sales signage for Ruby's Jools ~ headbands. Again, l like it but it too needs some tweaking.

Wonky woolies

signage for my market stalls....l love it but l think it needs some tweaking

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been a tad busy....again!

My how time flies when you're having ( supposedly) fun. I've been knitting up a storm again as l have quite a few markets coming up in the next month or so. My fingers are tightly crossed that they will go well and l'll actually sell something 'cause lemmie tell ya, they havn't been too good so far! Maybe l'm not making interesting things...maybe people are not into knitted things....maybe my prices are too high? ( nah, l'm pretty cheap). Lots of people assume l flogged the pattern for my toys from somewhere ( l didn't...made it them all up myself because l couldn't find any patterns!! ) or people ask me how do l knit the flowers as they really like them and want to make them too....just buy them from me you cheap b______s !!! *sigh*

Anyhoo....l also have a few paintings on the go that are due to be delivered to an exhibition at the end of the month...there will need to be paintings coming out of my proverbial soon as l have another art show in May ( another 3 paintings) and my solo / 40th birthday show in June PLUS l have to organise another 3 more art show/exhibitions for the WCCA Inc for this year too!!! No wonder l'm exhausted these days!

On a positive note, l finally found my white frames that l wanted for Ruby's drawings that l want to sell, so l need to pull the finger out and get on with those too in time for the Piccadilly Market in May.... never stops when you're a creative cyclone!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


ok, l'll admit it, l'm obsessed with the idea of Fairy doors. I so badly want to make one that l've been plotting and planning and l THINK l have it all worked out.....l even have some twisty green thin twigs to twist into shape for some of it......will post photos as l go, unless l get too frustrated with it and it all goes horribly wrong.

This is a fairy door, absolutely nothing close to way l'll make and wayyyyy better than anything l'll come up with , but this is the idea behind it anyway. * l got this ofline, l did not and l WILL not be making it as quite frankly, l'm just not that good.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

art frenzy

I'm back drawing again, well re-drawing to be exact. I've decided to publish Ruby's book through an online publisher, but l need to get more unity with the drawings so l'm re-doing them all to make sure they are all consistant in colour, tone, shade etc. I'm also back into the knitting, adding to the collect of Wolly Wonkys; l'm hoping to be at the Piccadilly Market in March so l need to build up a good level of stock, so l've just completed 3 of the critters in a darkish- teal blue.

 I'm also mid painting ( well l have about 4 on the go to be honest) which l take a dab at whenever the mood strikes me. Also getting heavily into researching Mike's Family history which l'm trying to wean myself off....getting a tad obsessed there which l tend to do when l'm researching something the l find particularly enthralling !

Life's pretty busy, Ruby is 18 months now and showing signs of being very creative herself......might even have another tattooist in the family!! ok....enough slacking off...those woolys arn't going to knit themselves!