Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Star Princess lamp

I was recently commissioned to do a ballerina lampshade for a customer who emailed me a photo of the sort of thing she was after. At first l was a bit hesitant ; 1. l didn't like it, and 2. l don't want to copy another persons work. So l came up with my own which is different in style and looks 100% better than the emailed design. She was wrapped with it !! I think l might do another, it looks so cute in Ruby's room , but l might do hers in lavender or white instead.


Miss Ruby discovers the joys of chocolate pudding

Spring is in the air........well in 6 months it will be!!

Meh , the market weekend past was a bit of a disaster. Mum and I didn't realise that it was a predominately a second hand market for kids stuff and our fabulous hand made items were very much the proverbial doggie bits.It wasn't all tragic of course , l managed to pick up some goodies for Ruby at a much cheaper price than l would have if buying brand new. Well, at least l have plenty of stock on hand now so l can switch from knitting headbands and brooches and hair clips to woolie doggies and a few more hats and scarves for winter. I also need to get cracking on some painting projects that have been started but not completed. Typically , l have three paintings on the go , and l'm itching to start another that's been cooking in my head for a while now...but l MUST finish at least 1 before l can begin it !! In the meantime , here are some photos of my recent Ruby's Jools items.