Saturday, January 30, 2010

snooze fest

I had a lovely sleep in this morning. Miss Ruby was crushed between her dad and I talking away to the cieling with occasional grabs of a boobie for a feed ( my boobie that is , not her dads). Then it was up for some play time and morning Rage viewing then back to bed for her arvo nap.......alongside her still slumbering daddy!!

We have no plans for the day , which means l can either while away my time online ( not an unattractive proposition) or l can do the housework as l normally would on a Saturday ( unless we have something planned; funny how that happens alot on Saturdays )..........hmmmm which way to roll today? I could go back to bed and have some more ni-nis myself but the brain will just start it's usual monologue of all the things l could ( and should) be doing instead.....and those scones l've been telling myself all week that l am going to make are not going to cook themselves!! Dad handed me a jar of home made plum jam ; rather like passing on the Holy Grail and l'm craving fresh scones with plum jam and double whipped cream. I wonder if l am going to grow up to be one of those mythical mothers that lets her kids eat muffins and chocolate cake for breakfast , just so that l can have some too? Well, could be worse.....l could make her eat wheat bix * shudder*