Thursday, January 21, 2010

my little minx

cracking herself up.....she hasn't figured out what she's got on her head......YET. It's a hand knitted headband by moi and it's part of the Miss Ruby range of handcrafted goodies ; the 'Ruby's Jools' series of headbands, hair clips and brooches

she's gorgeous my little miss atta-tood in her emo headband and bunny skull top and jean tights

Ow my aching back (and fingers)

Today is one of those freakish kind of days in Melbourne where you feel like you’ve been transported through time roughly , oh , 6 months and found that when you stepped outside your home it’s not in the shorts and t shirt that you wore the previous day , but polar fleece full body suits that normally don’t see the light of day unless you go to the snow! Which l’m told it did in the outer Alpine regions. WTF ?????? Who stole my Summer warmth?? While l can appreciate the awesomeness of having rain in Summer , and l really dislike intense heat…..could l not have SOME warmth back? Don’t make me drag out my heater !
So it is with annoyance at the weather that l spent my day sitting on my big wide behind and shmoozed with Ruby while twirling the sticks and adding to the growing collection of cute fuzzies that are “Ruby’s Jools”. I’ve decided to put together a collection of kids knitted jewellery which is safe , cute and inexpensive not only to make but for others to buy. I’ve been doing hats and scarves for a few months and have a nice array , but I really wanted to girly some of them up with little flowers. Now that l know how to do them ( thanks hugely to Judy) , l’ve run with the pattern and made hair clips , brooches and hair bands ! There’s no stopping me now! I have 3 months before the first kid’s market of the year starts , so l should have a varied range of colours done by then. I already have a couple of headbands for Ruby done , she’s had a couple of outings lately where people have thought she is a boy ( poor love can’t help it if she has fair hair, and not much of it at that) so l’ve ‘girlied’ her up with pink and purple headbands and a kewl ‘emo’ coloured one in black/white/red….Picks on their way!


Ugh , l'm awake already, the brain will not be quiet , it must have it's creative way !! All it can think of is website design and flyers and names for product ranges ! Dammit , all l want to do is curl up next to Ruby and sleep; 4 hours of sleep is not long enough! But , alas, it's is not meant to be so while sleeping beauty is still abed l might as well get some things done.

It's going to be a hottie today , so while the house is cool l'll do some domestics before l sit and knit some more this afternoon. Might even pop in a DVD if l have the chance; couldn't be any mopre diabolical than daytime tv! Hmmm...what to watch? Maybe l'll drag out something gothic and tragic; feeling a little swoony today and saomething dark and Burtonesque suits my mood.A delicious afternoon tea and Mr Depp ; perfection. I feel better already.