Tuesday, January 18, 2011

art frenzy

I'm back drawing again, well re-drawing to be exact. I've decided to publish Ruby's book through an online publisher, but l need to get more unity with the drawings so l'm re-doing them all to make sure they are all consistant in colour, tone, shade etc. I'm also back into the knitting, adding to the collect of Wolly Wonkys; l'm hoping to be at the Piccadilly Market in March so l need to build up a good level of stock, so l've just completed 3 of the critters in a darkish- teal blue.

 I'm also mid painting ( well l have about 4 on the go to be honest) which l take a dab at whenever the mood strikes me. Also getting heavily into researching Mike's Family history which l'm trying to wean myself off....getting a tad obsessed there which l tend to do when l'm researching something the l find particularly enthralling !

Life's pretty busy, Ruby is 18 months now and showing signs of being very creative herself......might even have another tattooist in the family!! ok....enough slacking off...those woolys arn't going to knit themselves!