Sunday, February 20, 2011


ok, l'll admit it, l'm obsessed with the idea of Fairy doors. I so badly want to make one that l've been plotting and planning and l THINK l have it all worked out.....l even have some twisty green thin twigs to twist into shape for some of it......will post photos as l go, unless l get too frustrated with it and it all goes horribly wrong.

This is a fairy door, absolutely nothing close to way l'll make and wayyyyy better than anything l'll come up with , but this is the idea behind it anyway. * l got this ofline, l did not and l WILL not be making it as quite frankly, l'm just not that good.


  1. my imagination is really sparked with the idea of fairy doors!

    Do you still have any of those gorgeous headbands your delicious babe is modelling in your header? (Or the pattern?) I would so love one for my yummy girl if you would be happy to post to england.... let me know how much. xxx

  2. OMG!!!! It's been nearly a year since you wrote this comment and l didn't know!!


    I'm happy to send you a head band Grace, just let me know a rough size (inches is fine) and l can get it to you.I think you can contact me through a link on here to my email so if you want to shoot me your email address l can let you know costs etc and you can let me know which postal address l'm sending it to :-)