Monday, November 7, 2011

been a busy few months

Wow!! It's been a while since l posted on my blog, l guess l've had a busy couple of months getting a good supply of tea pots cosies and teapots together. Mum and l had a local 2 day market this weekend gone, we did ok but l now know why l don't do local markets anymore! My goodness...the rude know-it-alls! All l can say is ( keeping it nice), if you think you or your friend can make exactly what l make in a record amount of time, then why are you at a craft market ??? Go buy the wool and needles, break all land speed knitting records, and bugger it up because the way you think l made that hat/ teapot cosy/toy is not the way you think l made it...and no it did not bloody well come out of a book, and yes they are original bloody designs and no l can not tell you how l make my flowers, it's $4 bloody dollars and if you can't part with 4 measly dollars for a hair clip then why are you at a craft market?? Oh...and if you took my card in the hopes of gleaning some more info about how l do what l do from my blog site....SORRY , not going to happen !!

l guess l didn't keep it as nice as l promised!! 

Oh well....TOUGH !! Now go look at the pretty pictures. :-)