Monday, November 7, 2011

been a busy few months

Wow!! It's been a while since l posted on my blog, l guess l've had a busy couple of months getting a good supply of tea pots cosies and teapots together. Mum and l had a local 2 day market this weekend gone, we did ok but l now know why l don't do local markets anymore! My goodness...the rude know-it-alls! All l can say is ( keeping it nice), if you think you or your friend can make exactly what l make in a record amount of time, then why are you at a craft market ??? Go buy the wool and needles, break all land speed knitting records, and bugger it up because the way you think l made that hat/ teapot cosy/toy is not the way you think l made it...and no it did not bloody well come out of a book, and yes they are original bloody designs and no l can not tell you how l make my flowers, it's $4 bloody dollars and if you can't part with 4 measly dollars for a hair clip then why are you at a craft market?? Oh...and if you took my card in the hopes of gleaning some more info about how l do what l do from my blog site....SORRY , not going to happen !!

l guess l didn't keep it as nice as l promised!! 

Oh well....TOUGH !! Now go look at the pretty pictures. :-)


  1. ooh pretty pictures and grrr annoying people !

  2. hello!! l need to work out how to get notification for blog comments!!!

    l should also say, l actually met some really nice, friendly and helpful people there too, it's just that the bads ones are the ones that push all of the insecurity buttons that we artisans have and can knock one for a loop sometimes.