Goodies for Sale

" Tea and the Sea " this quirky undersea oddity is a commission only cosie, as it can get quite pricey if you decide to have it made in Noro wool like my green reef one is ! This one is for a 2 person pot, of course l can make it bigger....the price range is from $50 for everyday joe blow wools ( which still look fantastic ) , to $75 plus for the Noro wools


                                        ^^^    " Chocolate Roses for Tea " ~ top view   ^^^

2 person pot cosy, available in assorted colours ( base colour is chocolated blended with other colours)


^^^   "Gela-Tea" ~ purple side view   ^^^

A sweet concoction or bright sorbet coloured pom poms on a bright base. This one is for a 2 person pot, of course you can go a jumbo size with more pom poms!

                                                                          From $25

^^^^  Hip rose Tea " ~ side view ^^^^^

This cheeky little cosy is on 1 person pot, with the top left uncovered so you can hold down that pesky little lid which tends to tip off on tiny pots! The 5 flowers can come in other colour combos.....just let me know if you would like something in particular !

                                     SOLD . Orders can be taken for similar design/ colours.

^^^   "Spring Tea" ~ side view   ^^^

This gorgeous 7 pink/ white flower cosy is on 2 person pot , and is available in larger sizes as well as other colour combinations.
                                                                          From $45