Tuesday, June 29, 2010


At last, l finished Ruby's story book that l had been busting my butt on for about 2 months. I had it printed online with Officeowrks, only took 3 days ( plus a weekend) to be printed and in my excited little hands! It came out really great...l'm so pleased! A couple of the drawings didn't have their white balance quite perfect so there is a little discolouration around a couple of the drawings, but l can always get it reprinted again down the track if need be ( ie, my brain has a conniption and l can't stand the imperfections any longer ) . I'm pretty sure Ruby will love it, she OOO'd whenever l showed her a drawing so l'm sure she will go ape when she has the book read to her.

                                                               " His name is Oliver""Oliver likes to dance too."

" Ruby eats vegemite toast for breakfast"

Here are a couple of illustrations from the book, including the text that when with them. I already have a second book half planned, though this time l' will do more detail in the drawings l think, Oliver won't be quite so cartoonish this time and Ruby will have much more detail in her face. My brother and SIS have very kindly offered to by me some fabulous illustration pencils that my bro uses in his tattooing illustrations, as a belated birthday pressie...l'm so excited to get started on this new book...but l think l'll wait until the end of August as l have soooo much stuff coming up between now and then to do!

"Oliver likes to drive fast "

" Good night Ruby, Goodnight Oliver "