Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I thought today l would post some  pictures of the work l'm usually known for. I started leadlighting as a hobby some 15 odd years ago, it turned into an obssession about 14 years ago.......over the years I've done all sorts of 2D and 3D work in many different styles and l have a lot more planned to do , especially around the house! I have a fabulous dragonfly window waiting to go into it's designated spot, and l have a matching front door designed . I also intend to do the bathroom window as well as internal doors to help let some more light into passageways while keeping privacy , particularly for the bathroom and mummy and daddy's bedroom!! I've done a lot of commision work over the years ( the magpie window shown is one of them) as well as designed a lot of leadlight for other artists in my circle. Hopefully once the home studio is built l'll be uyp and running again, doing all of my own projects as well as getting back into commission work. Hope you enjoy my stuff as much as l do =)