Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing catch-up

Well we finally have a new computer that doesn't crack the wobblies every 5 minutes and crash on us! So l now have to find all my favourite sites, forums and blogs and play catch up!

And yes, l did gesso over my painting disaster, in fact just this week l finished painting over it and while l still can see it needs a couple of finishing highlights here and there, it's pretty much finished.

I've also now sold 12 faery doors, 8 online and the others at markets so l'm one happy faery carpenter! Even Ruby helps me by handing me things, she's such a curious child and HAS to be involved in everything al of the time ; hs to know what colours things are, what their names are...such a delight.

Monday, February 20, 2012


l had my first sale on yesterday, and it was for all 3 faery doors! I'm so excited that someone loved all of them so much that she bought all of of course l uploaded a couple more this arvo, and l'll do another 2 tomorrow once l take new photos. I'm so to make some more !!

Monday, February 6, 2012

to gesso or not to gesso

at the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, l hate it when l do a terrible painting! I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon sweating buckets and smelling like  a taxi driver, busting my backside trying to get a painting finished in time for an art show in which the entries need to be in by yesterday. I would have finished in time if not for the fact it was the worst painting l've ever done!After a couple of hours both myself and my canvas looked like Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' moreso than the painting! Now, l know l've done some shockers before, l'm not egomaniacal enough to think that l've never done a terrible art work before,but l have never gessoed over a canvas this big before to paint something else. The quandry l have is to paint it over with gesso and start again, or try to finish the painting to see if l can turn it into something half decent? The background is working, the couch looks fabulous, but the figure on it just isn't working  and l just don't know if l have the chops to finish and see what l end up with.....................maybe l'll do it anyway and if it's really bad l'll gesso over it....OR l could give it away as a present ( to someone l don't like maybe ? but then, they wouldn't actually get pressies from me.......) 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


.......HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Well....what can l say, I've been busy! l have a full on day what with the knitting, the drawing, facebooking, the painting, the dishes, facebooking, washing , making faery doors, facebooking, looking after Ruby, cooking.......wait.....what's that l hear you say.....making faery doors????

Yet, l've been making faery doors , at long last. I've been wanting to make them for ages and while l like the 'human' style of miniature doors and what not, they just arn't rustic and natural enough for me. So l stumbled upon pictures online of wild rustic recycled material houses and lo and behold- my version of faery doors. I love beach combing, particularly for sea glass and drift wood, so l combined the 2 with air dry clay for the doors themselves, and feathers and bells and crystals and bits of old rusty flotsam and jetsome that faeries love to collect. I also making little ladders, and little mushrooms and hats and boots to decorate big task to tackle is Ruby's fairy house!

Here's a sample of some of what l've been making. You can also see more on our Facebook page too

I've named the doors with the house number and a street name.....for instance, the bottom right faery door is ' #1 Moonstone Way, Faery Forrest"....cute l thought.

These are all the doors l have so far using Amethyst crystals, so of course, the faery doors belong to faery houses in Amethyst Avenue!

Again....all of these faery doors have quartz crystals so these are from Clear Quartz Cres, Faery Forrest

Mixed shots ( some repeats) that l might used for a flyer, with wording to be added....maybe l only need to use 1 door....l dunno......another thing to work on!

Back to the grind...this time dinner needs to be where did l put those takeaway menus.......


Monday, November 7, 2011

been a busy few months

Wow!! It's been a while since l posted on my blog, l guess l've had a busy couple of months getting a good supply of tea pots cosies and teapots together. Mum and l had a local 2 day market this weekend gone, we did ok but l now know why l don't do local markets anymore! My goodness...the rude know-it-alls! All l can say is ( keeping it nice), if you think you or your friend can make exactly what l make in a record amount of time, then why are you at a craft market ??? Go buy the wool and needles, break all land speed knitting records, and bugger it up because the way you think l made that hat/ teapot cosy/toy is not the way you think l made it...and no it did not bloody well come out of a book, and yes they are original bloody designs and no l can not tell you how l make my flowers, it's $4 bloody dollars and if you can't part with 4 measly dollars for a hair clip then why are you at a craft market?? Oh...and if you took my card in the hopes of gleaning some more info about how l do what l do from my blog site....SORRY , not going to happen !!

l guess l didn't keep it as nice as l promised!! 

Oh well....TOUGH !! Now go look at the pretty pictures. :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tea cosy frenzy!!

Finally pulled the finger out and took some decent photos of my tea cosies ( the ones l have left anyway)...AND THERE THEY ARE!

I'm also popping them on the items for sale page so if you do want one or you want to commissionme to do something for you, you will at least get an idea of sizes and prices......

so many ideas and so little time to do them all in!

Mum and my bestie and l ( and mini me of course) checked out the Scarfe exhibition on at the National Wool Museum in Geelong last week...what an inspiation! Loved love LOVED so many of the scarves displaey, but for me the real treat was the display of tea pot cosies on a little table in the foyer! I didn't take any photos, but l did take away a lot of ideas to adapt into my own little quirky way....keep an eye out on this space!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

market season almost over

Mum and l had a stall each at Geelong's Picadilly Market on Sunday. It was the first babies and kids market, and mums second market with Picadilly.....and while it was ans exhaustingly long day, we had a great time. We both had a fabulous response to our wares from market goers, my 'fruity' hats did very well, l'm bummed l forgot to take a photo of my cactus hat before the market because it was the first hat l sold!!!We got lots of positive comments and of course there was nothing like out stuff there! I have 1 more market till l take a break for winter; l have a heap of other events coming up over the next couple of months so l just won't have time on the weekends for markets. That said, l'm madly knitting flowers as l'm putting together a range of teapot cosies  and mug warmers.....what l've done so far looks fabulous ( and hilarious). The next market for me will be the June Steampacket market in Geelong, so l better get a move on on those teapot cosies!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And this little piggy went to market....

Robyn's Busy Nest and myself will be at the Williamstown Craft Market tomorrow from 10 am until 4 pm so if you would like to see our things up close and personal, pop on by! It's on Nelson's Place, at the reserve....going to be a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new logo

Here's the new Ruby's Creative Mumma logo that l whipped up

Ruby's Jools ~ brooches

last one........