Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where does the time go?

BUSY BUSY BUSY !! The market has come and gone so the knitting frenzy that happened for a couple of months has died down, much to the relief of my hands! The market was a complete waste of time and money, mum and I were so disappointed and to be honest , l didn't think it was run all that well anyway so it's not one we will be returning to. We don't seem to be having much success with markets anymore, l wonder if people are all ' marketed out? There are so many out there now, and so many of the same stalls at most of them selling over priced stuff...that's what happenes when you have a market stalled by professionals;  it loses it's 'craftiness'. So we've decided to really focus on our websites which l have also neglected over the last few months, and on selling at parties ( though we perfer to call them afternoon soirees hahaha). I've decided to be first cab off the rank and have one here at home just after Ruby's birthday which is fast approaching.....it's so sad! I don't have a baby anymore, l have a 1 year old =(

So, this is some of what l have been working on and is now for sale.....see, told you l've been busy!