Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've been a tad busy !!

Lots to do and so little time to do it all in! And there are still the domestics and child raisin' to be done!! l need some more hours in the day , or a personal slave to take care of all the minute of ones' day!
But, alas, l don't have one of those, but what l do have are some photos of some of my latest creations!!
The Amelie name canvas was a commissioned job , and everyone was very pleased with the results, especially me! I used a lovely soft pink velvet , and some mdf letter painted in pink the smothered in glitter which l might have to stop using and invest in some paint instead and it's less time consuming to use as well as less mess ( poor Ruby has them constantly stuck to her now, l even found one stuck to her bum when l changed her nappy one day!! )
The bookends l made for my niece for Christmas , again l'm wrapped with how they turned out ( and yes , you can commission a pair of these for $45 with your choice of colours and your child's name on the left hand side )
I finally have found the hotest pink that l could get my hands on so l can do more 'Ruby's Jools' in the brights. I think this is going to be the most in demand colour combo if feedback is any indication. I've also got plenty of the stock standard pink/purple blends too, l just hope they sell like crazy and all these late nights and swollen finger joints are worth it!
I'll do some more hats soon too, now that the weather is turning cool a lot earlier than l expected; now it won't seem so silly to be selling hats and scarves at the Munchin Market in 2 weeks time!

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