Monday, February 1, 2010

where did the day go? Miss Ruby's Name Board

 I bought some more wools today; lovely hot pinks and vibrant purples which are finally back in stock at my local suppliers. I also have a commission to do for a name plaque, like the one l did for Ruby ( above picture) which is great !! So l picked up supplies for that too only to discover that half the letters l need are not in stock and that a new line will be in to replace them but not sure when and l said it would only take me a week to do and l have no propper As or Es and l'm gonna scream....* deep breath*.......I think l may have found a way to fix the letter issue though , hopefully it works out !! *fingers crossed*. So , tonight will be a night of liesurely tv watching and knitting and scoffing of chocolate.

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