Thursday, April 1, 2010


Have been on a bit of a hiatus over the last week or so. About the only thing l've had any motivation to do is slodge some dabs of paint onto a canvas. I have almost completed 1 as l promised l would but l'm just not lovin' it like l thought l would; the background colour is all wrong and it's just not working as l had it in my minds eye. I also started on the next painting which brings my semi completed canvas....what the plural of canvas? cavases? canvasi ? ...l digress...just thye same with painting!! I'm really liking the way this 4 canvas looks however , and l should have it well and truely finished in time for the art show at the end of the month , even though it is the biggest canvas l've painted for a while, it's a much less precise image than'll all see what l mean when it's done. Till then , here is a pic of my latest promo shot for Ruby's Jools taken by Mix Photography.

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