Sunday, January 24, 2010

fancy vroomvrooms

We toddled off to the custom car and hot rod show yesterday to spend a few hours wandering around and drooling at the fabulous cars on show. Both Mike and l were snap happy , of course, both of us taking very different kinds of photos but having a ball while doing it. Ruby was a little gem , she quite liked watching all of the people milling around the place and was fascinated by the bright lights and shiny surfaces. It was hard to pick a fave car this year , so many gorgeous cars , but l think the little green gem just outside near the entry way was one of my faves , a 1934 Ford Coupe. Of course , my all time dream car was ( actually it was more hematite than black) FJ holden with red interior and red rimmed white wall tires * squeal *. I also fell for a hot burnt orange studibaker..well the front of it anyway. For me it's all about the fins , chrome and headlights and of course , the colour.....could car less what's under the hood as long as it's shiny and purdy , yep , l guess l'm just superficial when it comes to what l like about cars =)

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